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Scholarship Awards Program 


BAWSAP Guidelines

Barbados Association of Winnipeg ( BAW) Scholarship Awards Program Guidelines

The Barbados Association of Winnipeg’s Scholarship Award Program (BAWSAP) was established in recognition of the 40th year of existence of the BAW and the 150th birthday of Canada to encourage and support youth achievements. The following guidelines exist to ensure annual fair and equitable distribution of Awards based on academic, BAW and wider community volunteer service. 

  1. Scholarship Award Criteria: 
  • High School Graduates entering or re-entering a Post Secondary Educational Institution between the ages of 17 -30 years as of August 31st of the year of their application. High School Graduates must provide proof of acceptance to a Post Secondary Institution.
  • Registered in a Post Secondary Educational Institution in Canada at the time of their application with passing grades.
  • The applicant completed 40 hours of verified community service with the BAW as recorded on the BAW’s approved log sheet
  • The applicant completed 40 hours of verified community services in the wider community e.g. an agency, organization or facility) as recorded on the BAW’s approved log sheet or in approved cases, verified through a letter or letters from the community services
  • Examples of community services with BAW and beyond include but are not limited to:
    • Assist Committee Chairpersons as a committee member with tasks such as preparing for events, organizing and promoting youth events
    • Design and distribute promotional materials
  • Event ticket sales
  • Assist with food preparation and/ or service
  • Clean tables, chairs and other areas during events
  • Set up & take down of decorations etc. during events
  • Cash register and sales duties during events
  • Pick up and deliver items as needed
  • Social media updates- Facebook, Instagram and Website
  • Folklorama onsite and preparatory committee work
  • Attendance at members’ meetings as needed
  • Video or other production which includes Barbadian heritage content
  • The applicant will be of Barbadian heritage or from the wider community and is willing to provide volunteer service within the BAW.
  • Once the Barbados Association of Winnipeg receives a request to participate in the scholarship program, the student will use BAW’s Log to keep track of her/his/their community service.
  1. Benefits of The BAW Scholarship Award Program: 
  • The BAWSAP will help young people in a number of ways:
  • To discover interests and talents.
  • To develop a personal commitment of service to others.
  • To understand personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • To provide an advantage on applications as completion of the BAWSAP requirements provides tangible evidence of success and effort. A typical student’s résumé consists of their education, a part-time job and sometimes some volunteer work. In the increasingly competitive employment market, so having something that sets them apart is an advantage. The Award requires youth to develop themselves in many ways that are attractive to universities and scholarship selection committees:
    • Commitment to community involvement
    • Personal development
    • Self-motivation
  • The act of setting long-term goals, then planning and attaining success is a powerful demonstration of their character. 
  1. Recognition Ceremony 
  • The BAWSAP provides public recognition in the form of a presentation at the annual Barbados Independence Dinner and Dance/ Gala a certificate and $500 award is provided to at least two recipients who meet the eligibility requirements. 
  1. Funding 

The Winnipeg Foundation’s online giving page is linked directly to the fund. It provides income tax receipts for all gifts made to the fund from $10 and over. Visit :

  1. Selection Committee 
  • The Selection Committee (SC) will comprise of the President or designate, a Chairperson or designate and at least one member at large or designate. Family Members will not be allowed to make the selection if a close relative applies. They will be excused from the selection process.
  • The Selection Committee will decide by October 31st, annually, who will be the successful applicant (s). The amount is currently capped at $500 per each of the estimated two awardees per year to allow the Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation to grow and support future awards
  • Thank you for your interest in the Barbados Association of Winnipeg’s Scholarship Award Program. We hope that the information provided above will address any questions and encourage your future involvement.
  1. Application Process and Deadlines:
  • Any interested applicants must regarding their interest in being registered in the Scholarship Awards Program.
  • An applicant may only receive one scholarship throughout his/her academic years.
  • All applicants registered with the BAW have the following options:
    • Complete the application online
    • Download the application form below 
    • Complete the form and send it to or
    • Print and complete a hard copy and mail it to Box 2172, 266 Graham Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3R5, postmarked on before September 15 of the year you apply.



BAWSAP Application

Download Word Document

Download PDF (You can fill this online and print it out, but you may not be able to save it.)


Download Word Document

Download PDF (You can fill this online and print it out, but you may not be able to save it.)

Other Available Scholarships
Barbados Canada Foundation is sharing the good news that we are offering at least 10 scholarships of $4,000 each to eligible students of Barbadian heritage for the September 2022 year. While we have been offering scholarships for several years now, I am thrilled to let you and those of Barbadian heritage in Canada know of two specific scholarships this year. In addition, I ask if you would please include the following in your mail-outs, website posts or other suitable communications.
1. Blue Circle Energy Scholarship Do you know a Barbadian or Barbadian Canadian who, – Is entering in Fall or already enrolled in a Canadian college or university – Is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related fields – Will return to Barbados to bring their expertise to the field of renewable energy?
There are great career opportunities in renewable energy in Barbados. The government of Barbados is focusing on the development of technology to diversify the economy and to address domestic issues such as the growing demand for clean, renewable energy – in which Blue Circle Energy is engaged. Please read further about it on the website or inquire by email at

2. Bass Installation Scholarship Did you know that there are low numbers of people of Barbadian heritage employed in the professional side of the construction industry?  Bass Installation Company wants to change that.  Do you know a young Barbadian or Barbadian Canadian who is,

  •  Entering in Fall or already enrolled in a Canadian college or university
  •  In studies related to the Construction Industry.
  •  Pursuing fields such as Engineering, Architecture or Construction (Project) Management

The Bass Installation Scholarship may help. Sponsored by Bass Installation, a leader in glass installation, it is administered by Barbados Canada Foundation All information is available on our website at or inquire by email at Do please share among those who are of Barbadian heritage.

There are at least 8 other scholarships available.
Sincerely,Penny Walcott BCF Scholarships Coordinator


Barbados Association of Winnipeg’s Scholarship Award Program