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Up to date news and information about current events in Barbados.

CBC News Up To Speed Interview

A Winnipegger from Barbados thinks removing the Queen as head of state is a move in the right direction for the Caribbean country. Guest host Marjorie Dowhos heard why on Up to Speed.  Aired: Nov. 29, 2021

Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine From the Black Community in Manitoba

We are deeply concerned about the increasing human misery resulting from the invasion of Ukraine and affirm our solidarity with the Ukrainian community in Manitoba and our support for the people of Ukraine.

BAW President Visits Black Rock Hospital

BAW president meets Mr. David Leacock and Mrs. Annastacia Jordon at Black Rock Hospital regarding a thank you to Mrs. Jordan for being the 2022 Virtual Guest speaker at the BAW Gala and BAW’s fundraising to help the facility with equipment.
hospital visit in Barbados