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Also, Kevin, could you also design an access on the same page for sales by members so that members can post up to say 6 items they( or family and friends) have for sale and how they can be contacted directly? Please indicate that BAW would appreciate if they send the BAW a % of the funds they receive if they sell the item(s) through our website. They would have to accept full responsibility for the sales. It would be good if they could add photo or a brief video. This would allow people to post heavy items and have the page go out each month to the contacts.

Bronx Park Community Centre’s Farmer’s Market 720 Henderson Hwy

The Barbados Association of Winnipeg will be having an environment and community awareness fundraising booth again in North Kildonan!

Trident Gifts and Things invites you to come out and visit us on Saturdays: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM, July 9,16 and 23,2022

The JAR BAR will be back. Funds will be applied to Barbadian facilities equipment for elders and others in need. Thank you for your support.

Barbados Association of Winnipeg
Barbados Association of Winnipeg
bronx community Centre farmer's market