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Virtual Coffee House Participant Equipment Loan Agreement

Barbados Association of Winnipeg

Please read and agree to the following before equipment is released to you.

Equipment Loan Agreement

I agree to the following:

A. The Type of Equipment that will be assigned to me will be a new laptop or an iPad. I will sign off on the exact make, model, serial number, and tag number when I pick up the equipment on Sunday, January 17th, 2021 per the BAW invitation.

B. Every 6 months from January 17th, 2021, by way of the BAW Virtual Coffee House Project link on the website, I will inform the BAW whether I want to renew my equipment loan and extend it for another 6 months.

C. Will indicate on the BAW Virtual Coffee House link on the website if and when I am no longer in need of the equipment provided to me and arrange for the safe transfer of the equipment back to the BAW.

D. I will maintain the working condition of my laptop or iPad.

E. I will contact the BAW through the online link to the BAW website’s Virtual Coffee House Project, if the condition of the equipment on loan has been changed and how and why it has changed. I am responsible for any repairs which will be needed if the equipment cannot be returned to the place of purchase.

F. If I have been negligent in the equipment’s use either through myself or another person who accessed the equipment, I agree to provide funds via an e transfer to the BAW at , in the amount of its market value at that time.

G. I will pay for a one-year membership in the BAW for January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021, at $25/family ( more than one person is in the household) or $15/person ( one person in the household). E transfers may be sent to by January 31, 2021.